A Chado Lessons In Elglish

Sensoji Temple in Aasakusa

This is a regular chado class conducted in English for people who wish to learn more depth of chado and detailed tea making procedures. You will learn both roles of host and guest in the tea gathering (tea ceremony).


■Schedule: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturdays every month.

Please note, the schedule might be changed for special occasions. The change will be posted in advance.

■Time Schedule:

Lesson opens between 10AM and 13PM

You can leave after your lesson is over or stay to observe

other students' lesson.

Reservation is required one month in advance.


■It is a group lesson but the students will be performing their roles one by one, and taught by the instructor individually while other students watching the lesson.


■Tuition: 4,400 yen (including tax) for one lesson

Purchasing 10 lesson tickets in advance is required (cash or credit card).


Please note that no-show will be counted as one lesson.


■Time required: Average of duration of time is about 1.5 hour for each person but it slightly changes depending on the level and content of the lesson for the day.


There are more than hundred different procedures to make a matcha tea in the ceremony.  Each procedure requires different time length.

PLEASE NOTE: Since we are not a full time school, we are not able to be a sponsor for anyone's visa to visit Japan.